About Us

GM Sports was founded by Coach Gerry Mauro out of a love for baseball and softball and a passion to help his players and teams. A lifelong athlete, Gerry became a businessman directly out of college. In the early 1980’s, he utilized his professional training and education to coach his own children in competitive California leagues. Through that process, he forged effective training methods that build the skills and mental toughness players need to excel in fastpitch softball and baseball. His passion for the diamond sports was extended to other sports by working with similar coaches passionate in their games.

Gerry has applied his talent for sourcing the best products to GM Sports. The company is established in the USA as a unique retail and online outlet offering sporting goods for players, coaches, teams and fans. GM Sports only sells products that Coach Mauro believes in to improve performance or satisfy a need in the game of a player, coach or parent.

Many of the products GM Sports created years ago have been adapted to handle the ever changing game. Manufacturers have sponsored his training and supported his work with special offers on pricing and products which he passes on to all his clients and customers, making him a trusted supplier to recreational leagues, club and travel teams, school teams, college and university teams as well as professional teams. GM Sports is a top distributor of major manufacturers in the USA and is a leading supplier of brands such as Mizuno, Wilson, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Spalding, Champro, Bownet, Diamond and many others.

A former college and professional coach, Gerry is an experienced trainer who has coached and conditioned some of the top softball players in the world. GM Sports trains all levels of athletes from individuals, teams, clinics and camps and Coach Mauro is a sought after speaker by conference planners and organizations. Currently, Mauro is affiliated with a number of organizations and academies and conducts clinics and training sessions across the United States and abroad. He has also served on manufacturers’ boards and professional organizations including the National Fastpitch Coaches Association contributing to their efforts to stay in the forefront of what is happening in the industry and coaching.

Helping an athlete pursue their passion while reaching their full potential is the primary goal of GM Sports. Whether through live trainings, coaching materials, uniforms and equipment, GM Sports provides customized instruction, equipment and support for athletes of all ages who are “obsessed and lovin’ it!”