Drills and Tips



An oldie, but a goodie! Use this game to bring out the aggression, rhythm and intensity in the hitter. Having fun is a great way to relax and just go for it! Try to use live pitching to simulate game situation or just toss to yourself.

In the field there are four fielders, 2 infielders, 2 outfielders. Positioned at the baseline and outfield. The batter has one chance to hit the ball. If she does not hit it fair which is between the 3rd base foul line and an imaginary baseline from 1st to 2nd base and beyond, she is out. If the ball lands in foul territory, the batter is out. If the ball is fielded by either of the two infielders (in the air or on the ground) cleanly, the batter is out. If an out fielder catches the ball in the air, the batter is also out. Now if the ball is bobbled or rolls past the infielders, the batter gets a single (Batter does not actually run, but mentally notes there is a runner now on first). If the ball is hit over the infielders, but in front of the outfielders, the batter gets a double and the previous runners on base move accordingly. If the ball rolls past the outfielders, it’s a triple and if the ball lands past the outfielders on a fly, it’s a homerun! The team with the most total bases wins.


To work the accuracy of various throws and footwork of fielding techniques.

Coach starts at the plate with two lines of players 40 to 60 feet away on both sides of the pitching rubber. Coach throws two balls at the same time while working on all the footwork and throwing techniques one after the other (scissors step, one motion, tosses, rock-n-fire, pivots, etc). There are two receivers at the sides of the coach. You can make it an instructional workout, a conditioning workout or a competitive work out. It is my best and most versatile drill. Isolate on a few techniques or an entire defensive program.


Repetitions for running the bases in certain situations.

Need a coach at each base to discuss with the runner her movements and thedesired strategies. Coach at home hits balls while runners are at 1st, 2nd and3rd. The runners react to the hit as if no other runners are on base. Unless yougive them a situation or the game like runners at 1st and 2nd then the runnersreact to your situation. The coaches get to discuss what the runner does andshould do and what the team strategies are. Remember to start in a lead off position. The runners rotate to the next base after

Quick Hands for Hitting

There are a number of drills to enhance fast hands or faster bat speed. This following drill is a good one. Bat speed to me is not the ultimate goal but a very important one. It is required more to react and hit off-speed pitching than to hit for more distance. Even though bat speed does have an impact on distance. When discussing bat speed, the first idea that comes to mind is efficiency of the swing. A long casting or sweeping swing inhibits bat speed. Increased strength is another issue for bat speed. Swinging faster simply works too. To accomplish this we must educate and adapt those white fibers or fast twitch fibers in the forearms and arms to firing faster. This also needs to be fun and done safely. The following drill satisfies all these ideas and goals.

The Drill
The Bat Speed Chute. This device is amazing if used similar to weight training using a series of sets and repetitions. Begin with a quantity of repetitions representative of the player’s age using it. For example, with a 14 year old player, we start with 6-8 repetitions in one set. At the conclusion of the 6-8 reps remove the chute trainer from the bat and swing the game bat only. If the swing speed is not increased dramatically call me or email me because I would be surprised. We would do this 3 times each week.

As a measurement tool, we progress in reps and sets weekly until we are very consistent in swinging faster and quicker. At the end of each set, count the number of swings without the bat speed chute trainer that the players has before the swing starts slowing down. Keep track of the number of swings . Then compare the progress to the next session. Hopefully the number of fast swings after using the chute trainer continues to increase until it becomes more natural and consistent. As an added bonus the bat speed chute trainer has a Velcro attachment inside the chute to explode more efficiently at the point of contact too. This is a great added explosiveness to the swing. Enjoy and swing faster.